Do YOU Do the Writing Yourself?
Yes I do. Many ghostwriters farm out writing assignments to God alone knows who – some friend of a friend who did well in a creative writing class in high school or something. Not me. I do all the writing myself. If I accept you as a client, you and I enter into a one-on-one professional writing relationship. If you e-mail me or call me on the phone, you are communicating directly with the person writing your assignment, not with some subcontractor — a ghostwriter’s ghostwriter’s ghostwriter.

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How Much Does it Cost?
Ah, now we get down to the nitty gritty. Unfortunately, I cannot give you anything more than general guidelines in this context. You see, I treat each job on an individual basis and try to estimate how much time and effort it will require of me. Only then can I give my client an honest quote.

I will say that writing a book (I will use a book as an example) is not a trifling amount. Pursuing dreams rarely comes cheap – one way or another. Perhaps as in most other contexts, “you get what you pay for” is a truism here. However, let me be equally quick to note that I am not greedy. Who needs the bad karma that comes with greed? Not me. I believe that my fee is fair and honest, taking into account my skills and ability. It is possible that you can find someone who will ask less than I do. No doubt you can also find someone who will ask for much more.

I work on a flat-fee basis. I offer my clients the payment options of 1/4, 1/2 or the entire book. This works quite simply. I receive the payment for whichever increment we’ve agreed to (1/4, 1/2, etc.) and I write a number of pages commensurate with that increment. I send you what I’ve written and you review it. If you are satisfied, you send me the next increment and, in this way, we continue through the entire book.

I do not write on a percentage basis. Although this option has the greatest potential for riches, it is no way to run a business. I am happy for you to become wealthy from your book. You deserve it. It’s your book.

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Will You Steal My Idea?
No. Emphatically, no! I understand and respect that a healthy dose of paranoia is part and parcel of the creative soul. I urge you to feel comfortable with whomever you work with. If you cannot let go enough to trust someone to work on your material, don’t!

I am happy to sign non-disclosure agreements or in any other way reassure you that you can trust me with your thoughts, characters, ideas, etc. However, if you are a non-trusting type then the likelihood is that there is little I can say or do to reassure you. Sorry. I am a writer, not a psychologist or a magician.

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Will You Help Me Get My Book Published?
I’d like to but I can’t. Being an agent or a publisher is a more-than-full-time job (just ask anyone who does either of those things). I am a writer. I write your material in a professional manner which will give it its best chance for publication or production.

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How Long Will It Take You to Write My Book?
Generally, less than six months. However, you should note that this time frame is the time I actually have the book to write. In other words, if we’ve agreed to move forward in increments of 1/4 and I have sent you the first 1/4 but you take three months showing it to your wife, husband, mother, father, sister, brother and then send me the payment for the next 1/4, those three months do not count toward the six month time frame. I guess it’s a little like the clock at the end of a sporting event. Ever notice how those final few seconds can translate into a half hour of real time?

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Is There Any Kind of Book You Won’t Write?
Sure. Lots of them. I won’t write things that are hateful or hurtful, which misrepresent people or which seek the downfall of legitimate governments.

By the same token, I am not judgmental. I have had many, many clients who have come to me after a lifetime of being put down for their dreams, their sexual orientation, their politics, or their ideas. I have written for the full spectrum of people and experience. I don’t shy away from sexually explicit material but I will not write things that are degrading to people or animals. I have written for ministers, rabbis and priests. I have written for doctors and psychologists, for freaks, fools and fetishists. I love the range of human experience and I glory in bringing it to the page.

If you aren’t looking to hurt something or somebody then I will likely be happy to consider your assignment.

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Have Any of the Books You’ve Written Been Published?
Yep. Sure have. However, because I promise each of my clients absolute confidentiality, I cannot brag about those successes. It is something of a “Catch-22”, and something which causes me to lose some potential clients. Those are the breaks. Your book is your book. Other than you and me (and anyone you tell) no one knows my involvement with your material.

My only claim to your book is our agreed-upon fee. That’s it. It’s your dream. Your book. Your name on the cover.

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What Services Do You Offer?
I offer a full range of writing services. Speeches, short stories, scripts and full-length books. I do not ghost poetry though.

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