Ghostwriting – Why Bother Writing When You Know That Books Are Obsolete?

Before you succumb to the same handwringing and gnashing of teeth that is rife in the publishing world, take a deep, calming breath. Sure, there are computer programs that practically write your book for you! Sure, Twitter and texting have made the art of writing nearly passé! And sure, nobody has time to read anymore!

Oh, boo-hoo, boo-hoo.

If I had a nickel for every time someone declared the end of books I’d be a very rich man. But, alas, I am not rich and no one is considering paying me a nickel or anything else for what other people do and do not say. That being the case, let me take to my soapbox and make clear to you, Books are not obsolete. Storytelling is not over. The sky is not falling.

Yes, the publishing industry is struggling. Yes, “The Book” in its traditional form is undergoing profound changes. And yes, it is hard to get a book published by a traditional publishing house.

To repeat, boo-hoo, boo-hoo.

My advice to you is to never confuse form with content. What books look like and feel like is changing. Kindles, iPads and other tablet computers are changing the way we read books. That delightful turning of the pages may very well be going the way of slide rules and upright typewriters but that does not mean that the thing that is the book itself is going anywhere any time soon.

The book itself is the story! The tale that you seek to tell. We humans are hardwired to be tellers and listeners of stories. Before books (in their physical form) our stories were related aloud or through song. Only after thousands and thousands of years were there “books.” Now there are Kindles. The form changes. The telling of a story remains the same.

If you have in your soul to be a teller of stories, then tell them! You can be sure that if you tell your story well, there will be those ready to listen and read.

There always has been. There always will be.

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