Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

Having been a ghostwriter for over twenty years, I do understand that people still feel reluctant to hire a ghostwriter. They feel doing so is somehow “wrong”. “After all,” one person suggested, “shouldn’t people write their own books?”

Yes and no. It could be argued that people should grow their own food and make their own clothes as well, but that probably misses the point, doesn’t it? What we all need to do is find the very best way to accomplish the things we seek to accomplish in life. Often, that means doing things ourselves. Just as often, it means finding an expert to help us.

For example, I am very capable of painting my own house or building shelves. I’ve done it in the past. However, the fact is, I don’t paint as well as a professional painter, nor do I build the kinds of shelving my wife would want in the living room. I benefit by having my house painted by a professional and shelving made by a real craftsperson.

The same dynamic might very well apply to writing your book.

When it comes to telling your story, you have already done the “hard” part – you have imagined it or lived it. If yours is a professional book, you have put in the time to gain the insights that you are trying to share. Now, you want to tell it in a way that will make it as powerful and important to your audience as you’ve dreamed it could be and should be. Now, you want a ghostwriter.

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One Response to Why Hire a Ghostwriter?

  1. Grant says:

    Hi David,

    My name is Grant and I’m from Australia. In late 1995, following susceptibility to a bout of depression ( had previously heard about the concept of a traumatic experience, bringing out the creative side of the mind), I had began to jot / piece together threads of a story I began back then. Here, today! Some 16 years later, through many twists and turns of devising, nurturing my story, it is finally in a completed form to view and edit. I have the whole content in the form of a manuscript and stored in a binder folder. After not really getting much satisfaction from contacting publishing firms, I decided to pursue the form of ghostwriting. Could you let me know, the usual process you may employ, to view a manuscript and advise on turning it into a potential novel.

    Thank you for your time.

    Regards from Grant
    Adelaide, South Australia